Zhejiang Yongling Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. organizes activities of Party members



Autumn is high and fresh, melons and fruits are fragrant, and another harvest season has arrived. In order to celebrate the 70th birthday of the great motherland and create a corporate culture atmosphere, under the leadership's proposal and the union's planning and organization, Yongling Company held the "National Day Green Walk" activity on September 28.

At 8 o'clock, all the employees gathered on the fountain platform of Yong'an Park at the starting point, formed groups and took pictures.




Along the way, red hats and blue clothes, waving five-star red flags against the bright smiles, became the most gorgeous scenery on the banks of the green road.








"The prosperous age of Xianju celebrates the birthday, and the rising sun welcomes the harvest year." This National Day greenway walking activity expresses the sincere feelings of all employees of Yongling Company to participate in the construction of the motherland, and demonstrates everyone's positive spirit and demeanor. The collective cohesion and sense of honor demonstrate the company's strong corporate culture...In short, this event was a complete success and achieved very results.